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Constitution of the Ministries of Berachah Church of Vicksburg, Mississippi


Article I – Name


The name of this corporation shall be the Ministries of Berachah Church of Vicksburg, Mississippi.
This corporation is affiliated with Fellowship of Connected Churches and Ministries (FCCM) which has its headquarters in Euless, Texas.

The FCCM registered name of the Church activities known as “Berachah Church, Vicksburg, Mississippi," shall operate under all the articles of this constitution without exception.


Article II Purpose  


This corporation is not organized for profit, and no property or profit of the corporation shall financially benefit any person, partnership or corporation except in furtherance of the benevolent or non-profit-making of this corporation.

The purpose of this corporation is the proclamation of the Gospel of God concerning His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for the salvation of lost souls, and spiritual growth of believers, by the assembling for Bible reading, prayer, worship and work; by preaching and teaching the Word of God; by administering the New Testament ordinances of the Lord's Supper and Baptism; by supporting home and foreign missionary endeavor and institutions of mercy and education; by working for spiritual unity and cooperation among all believers.

1) Welcome.
We purpose to Welcome anyone into our services. (II Corinthians 5:16 James 2:1-8)
2) Win.
We purpose to Win the lost to the saving "head and heart" knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Then welcome them into our fellowship) 
3) Worship.
We purpose to have a place conducive to Worshipping Our Living Lord Jesus Christ. (Psalm 95:6 Psalm 132:7) We will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24) and in the Liberty of the Spirit (II Corinthians 3:17).
4) Word.
We purpose to Sing the Word (Ephesians 5:19) and Preach the Word, (II Timothy 4:2) for the twofold purpose of seeing the lost redeemed by the blood of Jesus (Ephesians 2:13) and the saints equipped to serve. (Ephesians 4:12)
5) Work.
We purpose to Work in Prayer to provide "Prayer Cover" for the above purposes to be accomplished in the Power of God. (James 5:16b "...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.")


Article III Confession of Faith

  • The Trinity of the Godhead.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • The infallible and complete verbal inspiration of Scriptures.
  • The Biblical account of creation.
  • The total depravity of man in his natural state apart from Divine grace.
  • The virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ.
  • Christ's blood atonement for fallen man.
  • Justification before God by faith without a mixture of works.
  • The eternal security of the believer in Jesus Christ.
  • Christ's bodily resurrection and ascension back to His Father.
  • The person and work of the Holy Spirit.
  • All believers are entitled to and should earnestly seek the promise of the Father; the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire.
  • The five-fold ministry and all the gifts of the Spirit working in the church today. 
  • Satan is a person, and he with his demons oppose all that is true and Godly by blinding the world to the Gospel.
  • Water baptism immersion to be administered to believers only.
  • The Lord's Supper to be administered to baptized believers only.
  • Worldwide missions according to the Great Commission which Christ as Founder, Foundation, and Head, gave to the church.
  • The personal, bodily, and imminent return of Christ to the earth.
  • The bodily resurrection of the dead; one of the saved at the appearing of Christ in the air, and one of the unsaved at the close of the millennial reign of Christ on earth.
  • The reality of heaven, involving Divine assurance of eternal happiness for the redeemed of God.
  • The reality of hell, involving everlasting punishment for the devil, his angels, and the unredeemed.


Article IV Membership


A candidate for membership shall come forward during an invitation and give evidence that he has had a definite experience in receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, renouncing sin, and endeavoring to live a consecrated life before the Lord.

A candidate may become a member of this Church by statement of his Christian experience, or by restoration. (An inactive or previous member coming back)

New members shall be welcomed into the Church fellowship during a worship service.  Only members on the active membership list and who are at least sixteen years of age shall have the right to vote or hold any of the stated offices or positions of the Church.
A member is expected to:
1) Honor, esteem and love his Pastor, pray for him, and recognize his authority in spiritual matters. (I Thessalonians 5:12, Hebrews 13:17) 2) Practice brotherly love toward all members of the Church.  3) Faithfully fulfill his Christian duties by:


a. Regular financial contributions (tithes and offerings) to this Church as God has prospered; b. Participation in the activities of the Church according to his gifts and abilities.
A request for transfer of membership to another Church shall be answered by stating the member's present standing in this Church.  Membership shall be terminated upon receipt of information that a member has joined another Church.


Discipline of members


1) Any member attending none of the regular services of the Church for six months, or who is inexcusably irregular in attendance for one year, shall be placed on the inactive list.
2) Persons on the Inactive List may be restored to the Active List by exhibiting a renewed interest in the Church.     

3) Persons on the Inactive List for six months who show no further interest may be removed from the membership roll by the Pastor and Elders.

4) In case any member shall be discovered continually living and/or teaching in an unchristian manner and contrary to the Confession of Faith as set forth herein, the Church shall deal with such member in accordance with the words of Jesus Christ and the Apostolic injunctions. (Matthew 18:15-18; I Corinthians 5:13)
5) If after admonition and every effort to reclaim him for Jesus Christ and the Church, repentance is not forthcoming, the Elders shall decide on dismissal. The member shall be notified of this action personally if possible and in writing.


Article V – Officers and Boards


Standing Rules:
In order to hold a position in any capacity on a regular of the Church, a person must be an active member of the Church.  (This does not apply to the auxiliary organizations.)


The officers of this corporation shall consist of Pastor, Pastor and Other Ministers (Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, (and any full time salaried leadership position etc) Elders, Moderator, Deacons, Trustees, Financial Secretary, Church Treasurer(s), Secretary, and Sunday School Superintendent.
1. In calling a Pastor or other Minister, a three-fourths majority vote of voting members present at a meeting called for that purpose would be required. The Pastor and Other Ministers shall be elected for an indefinite period of time.  This vote shall be by ballot.

2. In requesting the resignation of a Pastor or Other Minister this will be dealt with by Elders.

3. The Pastor must give two months notice and Other Ministers one Month or by the Church in the case of resignation or dismissal, unless waived by mutual consent.        


Duties of Officers


1. Pastor

(a) The Pastor shall give himself to prayer and to the ministry of the Word of God, administer the ordinances of the Church, promote the spiritual welfare of the Church, and lead its members in accomplishing its purposes.
(b) The Pastor is the Senior Elder on the Board of Elders and a member ex-officio of all other committees.
(c) If at any time his personal beliefs in life, preaching or teaching shall not be in full accord with the Confession of Faith, his services shall be terminated.


2.  Other Ministers
The Board of Elders shall prepare the job descriptions of other ministers.


3.  Deacons:
(a) Under the guidance of the Elders they shall "serve tables" by serving the needs of the church body. (Acts 6:3)  (b) They shall assist the Pastor in the administration of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper. (c) In the event of a Pastor change, they will submit to the Pastor or respectfully offer their resignation.


4. Elders.  Board of Elders shall:

(a) Guard and nourish the spiritual condition of the body.  (b) Oversee the Church in the absence of the Pastor. (c) In the event of a Pastor change, they will submit to the Pastor or respectfully offer their resignation.


5.  Trustees.  The Trustees shall:

(a) Represent the Church in all legal transactions and shall hold in trust and supervise the care and use of all Church properties and monies. (b) Be authorized to spend up to 2% of the annual budget per transaction without consent of the Church. (c) In the event of a Pastor change, they will submit to the Pastor or respectfully offer their resignation.


6.   Financial Secretary.  The Financial Secretary shall be responsible for receiving, recording and depositing in the bank all monies received for the General, Missions and Building Funds.  He shall submit a report of same at each regular business meeting of the
Church and at such other times as may be requested by the Church, the Board of Trustees or the Elder Board.


7.   Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall:
(a) Safeguard and disburse the monies of the various funds for which he is responsible as provided for by the budget, or as directed by the Church, the Board of Trustees or the Elder Board. (b) Be a member of the Board of Trustees. (c) Keep a record of all transactions and submit a report of same in detail at each regular business meeting of the Church and at such other times as requested by the Church, the Board of Trustees or the Elder Board.


8. Assistant Treasurer.  The Assistant Treasurer shall assist or act in behalf of the Treasurer as required.


9. Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep records of special called business meetings of the Church.


10. Sunday School Superintendent.  The Sunday School Superintendent shall:

(a) Be responsible for the general administration and operation of the Sunday School. (b) Call meetings of the staff and teachers as required.


Article VI – Finances


The Church and its auxiliary organizations shall be supported solely by free will gifts and offerings.


Article VII – Search Committee


a. Search Committee will be the Board of Elders.
b. The Search Committee shall take all necessary steps to locate a suitable and available candidate to be recommended to the Church.


Article VIII - Meetings


The Board of Elders will meet at the discretion of the pastor or elders and the men of the church will meet monthly for the transaction of the regular and corporate business of the

Church.  A Church wide business meeting will be called for when it is deemed necessary by the Elders. 

(a) Special meetings may be called by the Pastor and / or the Elder Board.


In the conduct of business meetings, the latest edition of "Robert's Rules of Order" shall decide any parliamentary question not covered by this constitution.


Article IX - Property


All official records such as financial records and reports, minutes of meetings, etc. prepared by respective office holders shall become and remain the property of the Church. If for any reason a division should occur, those active members, even if in the minority, who abide by the Confession of Faith (Article III) and the Constitution as herein set forth shall always have control of the Church property.


Article X - Amendments


Any proposed amendment must be submitted to the Board of Elders in writing.  The Board of Elders shall study the proposed amendment.  Then they will submit a report of their recommendations at the next regular meeting or a special meeting of the Church. Adoption shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the voting members present.